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Len Lazarick
Len Lazarick

The Business Monthly and long-time Columbia resident and well-known political journalist Len Lazarick are partnering to bring a collection of essays celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Columbia, MD. The essays, says Lazarick, “are about Columbia as a lived experience that brings us to the present, with a long view of how we got there and how it evolved from the plan, and in many cases was not planned at all.”

This is not a nostalgic series, but one of perspective and retrospect. Although, with that said, we are sure many people will nod or smile with remembrances of building a city from the ground up.

This 4-page insert will appear each month for one year in The Business Monthly newspaper starting in July 2016 and focus on specific topics, including business, media, shopping and retail, politics, schools, government, religion, environment, transportation, the arts, family, and sports. For more information about this special section, please contact our news department.