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Embracing STEAM Education as an Expansion of STEM

STEAM is an educational movement that engages students from preschool through college and beyond in an integrated learning approach, now officially recognized nationally as part of Common Core standards along with science, technology, engineering and mathematics, i.e., STEM plus the arts.

Howard Board of Education Considers School Start and Dismissal Time Proposals

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) School Start and Dismissal Time Committee (SSDT) presented four alternative models for school start and dismissal times in a report to the Howard County Board of Education at its Nov. 17 meeting.

MasterPeace Solutions Announces Launch of Two Technology Startups

Columbia-based MasterPeace Solutions Ltd., a technology accelerator that supports cleared engineers and technologists in commercializing their latest ideas, has announced the launch of two technology startups: Zuul IoT Inc. and SrcLight Inc.

Avoiding Digital Fraud and Hackers

Every year, millions of consumers fall victim to cybercrime. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, in 2014 consumers lost more than $800 million from scams initiated through the web.

In Brief

Maryland Commerce and Community Colleges Join to Launch Workforce Training Program The Maryland Department of Commerce has joined with the Maryland Association of Community Colleges...

What Is Big Data Analytics and Why Should Business Leaders Care?

Business leaders face myriad decisions every day: How can my company be more efficient? What strategies should we use to exceed our customers’ expectations? Can we predict what our market will do?

Tips for Disposing of That Old Computer, Phone or Tablet

It’s the holiday season, and one of the best gift-giving ideas is new technology. Who doesn’t want the latest phone or the sharpest tablet or even the fastest computer? These are exactly the sorts of presents that many people ask for, or better yet, choose to buy for themselves.

Reinvention and Relevance in Learning – Shifting to a Networked Creative Economy

Gone are the days of only classroom-based, instructor-led learning. The societal shift to the creative economy coincides with the rapid growth of online, competency-based education and virtual learning tools, applications and methodologies.

Broadband & Network Devices Need Appropriate Preparation for Business VoIP

By Jeff NolteGetting top performance from a cloud-based or on-site Internet protocol (IP) phone system requires a thorough assessment of your network to get it ready to handle voice traffic. Failure to be proactive can result in a bad experience for users at both ends of the conversation.

Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Right for My Business?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is making a splash among businesses looking for an easier and more cost-effective way to manage their employees’ computers. While not a new concept, VDI technology is better than ever and can be seen as a real game-changer.

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