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Have You Written a Marketing Communications Plan?

Do you have a marketing communications plan? Rather than haphazardly deciding how to communicate your product or service, spend the time to be sure you are reaching the right audiences with messages that will resonate with them.

How to Get Clients and Increase Revenue From Facebook

Why does your business have a Facebook page? If the answer isn’t on the tip of your tongue, here are a few examples.

Why Working With Too Many Vendors Can Be Your No. 1 Marketing Mistake

Every business, no matter the size of the workforce, amount of revenue it generates or product/service it is selling, needs a marketing strategy and plan.

Why Different Is Better

Branding. It’s an overused and mostly misunderstood term — and it’s the fuel of marketing communications.

Don’t Forget to Send a Press Release

A press release may be your ticket to free publicity. And in these economically challenging times, free publicity may be especially enticing.

Bringing Messages to Life Through Strategic Branding

Eyes often glaze over when one talks about “marketing.” It encompasses a large arena of concepts and strategies to be considered and, with social media and other technological advances, more are presenting themselves every day.

‘Bar Conversation’ Becomes a Startup Business

The conversation at a Baltimore bar in 2013 started off with the typical small talk: “What do you do?” That’s when Christian Dean met Lindsay Ebbin, who talked about his career as a celebrity makeup artist and his 16 years with Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spas in New York City.

Makeover Magic: Five Tips to Revive Your Marketing for Next to Nothing

Strategic communication isn’t solely for creative directors. Whether you’re writing for a trade publication or shouting out your favorite clients on Instagram, there are lots of innovative ways to push your brand.

Your LinkedIn Connections: It’s Not Just About the Numbers

You’ve spent hours perfecting your LinkedIn profile. You’ve built a network of hundreds of LinkedIn connections over the years, and reaching that “500-plus connections” mark may or may not have made you almost as proud as the birth of your first child.

The Power of Purpose to Distinguish Your Brand

If it is your job to differentiate and grow your business, you own a tall task.

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