Archived Articles: October 2015

Biz Roundup

Historic Agreement Between Anne Arundel, Annapolis City Officials

Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh, Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides and Anne Arundel County Economic Development Corp. President and CEO Bob Hannon, and members of both the city and county council recently created a new partnership.Read Full Article »

Kittleman Announces Initiatives to Support Older Adults

In September, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman announced new initiatives to support the future growth of Howard County’s older adult population. His administration simultaneously released, “Creating an Age-Friendly Community,” a 20-year plan to accommodate a projected 183% increase in the number of adults age 65 or older living in the county by 2040.Read Full Article »

Chamber Corner


HR Essentials Seminar

Nearly 100 small businesses came to listen and learn from CEOs, lawyers, marketing professionals and financial counselors who gathered to share their experiences (and lessons learned) on how to successfully nurture a growing business. With labor laws and employment practices changing frequently, attendees were updated on topics ranging from recruiting via social media, talent acquisition strategies, crisis management and the latest employment laws.Read Full Article »


John Sculley is perhaps best known as the man who fired Steve Jobs from Apple, which is probably not the thing you want as your legacy. Sculley was a marketing man who helped launch the original MacIntosh, to great success and profits. He had little tolerance for Jobs’s excursions into unproven technologies, usually by leading renegade groups inside Apple that had minor regard for budgets.Read Full Article »

Millennials and the Business of Wine

According to International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR), a London-based drinks research group, the United States is the world’s largest wine market, by volume. As a nation, we consumed about 12% of all of the wine consumed by the entire planet in 2013. That year we drank about four billion bottles of wine. USA! USA! USA!Read Full Article »

People In Business

Partnership Announces Pecoraro to Replace Greene

Greg Pecoraro has been appointed as the BWI Business Partnership’s new executive director, succeeding the retired Linda Greene. The selection was made after an extensive regional search and selection process led by the board of directors.Read Full Article »

Business Briefs

DTS Acquires Columbia Partners-Backed iBiquity for $172M

DTS Inc., a high-definition (HD) audio solutions and audio enhancement technologies company headquartered in Calabasas, Ca., has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire iBiquity Digital Corp., of Columbia, the developer of digital HD radio technology for AM/FM audio and data broadcasting, for approximately $172 million. DTS expects to finance the transaction through a combination of cash on hand and debt.Read Full Article »

Nonprofit News & Charitable Giving

Ghana Fest 2 to Celebrate Columbia’s Newest Sister City

Columbia Association (CA) will host an afternoon of Ghanaian music, drumming, dance and refreshments at Ghana Fest 2, the latest event celebrating Columbia’s expanding relationship with its new sister city of Tema. The event will be held on Sunday, Nov. 8, from 3 to 5:30 p.m. at Slayton House, 10400 Cross Fox Lane, in Columbia’s Wilde Lake Village Center.Read Full Article »

Letter To The Editor

The Saving of Harriet Tubman High School

Starting in 1890, “Jim Crow” laws were established to enforce racial segregation. These laws continued until 1965. They mandated “separate, but equal” facilities, especially with regard to education of African-American students, conditions that were consistently inferior and underfunded when compared to those available for white students.Read Full Article »

From The Desk Of CA President Milton Matthews

Just as individuals who live in Columbia can receive discounted membership rates, for fitness programs and other benefits, so too do those who work full-time on Columbia Association (CA)-assessed property. We know that companies recognize the importance of having happy and healthy employees, who are more productive, have a greater level of satisfaction with their place of employment and have more balanced lifestyles.Read Full Article »

Non-Compete Agreements for Independent Contractors May Cause Employment Woes

In response to growing employment costs and pressures on price in a very competitive marketplace, more and more businesses in the service sector are calling upon independent contractors for core duties. The cost savings of the contractor-based business model can be significant. One Uber-like dot-com company recently reported that, after switching to an employee-based business model, its business costs increased by 40%.Read Full Article »

401(k) + IRA: How to Mix and Match Plans

Even if an individual is contributing like a champ to his or her employer-sponsored retirement plan, that person should not overlook the opportunity to invest in an IRA, too. While having a retirement plan at work might impact an individual’s ability to deduct IRA contributions, it does not close the door to the individual retirement account. And using both provides the opportunity to invest more for retirement.Read Full Article »

Outside Directors Impact Business Growth in Positive Ways

Editor’s Note: An extended version of this article was previously published in ABF Journal.

An outside director is a member of the board of directors or advisers who is not part of the executive management team. These professionals are sometimes referred to as independent or non-executive directors. They are not employees of the company and are differentiated from inside directors, who do serve as executive managers and/or corporate officers.Read Full Article »

Letter From Rotary International District 7620 Governor: Rotary Membership Is About to Dramatically Increase

I believe Rotary membership is about to dramatically increase in Howard and Anne Arundel counties, and across the rest of Rotary District 7620 in Maryland, the United States and around the world. An increase in Rotary membership would be welcome news for the local and international community, because Rotarians have been consistently improving the quality of life in Howard and Anne Arundel counties, and in the state of Maryland, since 1905.Read Full Article »

Ellicott City Rotary Club Supports Work in Haiti

In September, Bruno Reich, president of the Ellicott City Rotary club, and Jean-Robert Anantua, president of the Build Haiti Foundation (BHF), traveled together to view potential sites that are being considered for an athletic field in rural Haiti. Such a field — which will host basketball, volleyball and tennis — is a commonplace site in Howard County, but not in rural Haiti, explained Anantua, especially since the field will allow young girls to participate in the athletic activities.Read Full Article »

Next Generation Summit Aims to Attract a New Generation of Rotarians

Today’s Rotarians are beginning to pay attention to ways to attract the next generation of Rotarians. Rotary offers an interesting value proposition for prospective members, including opportunities for local and international service, leadership, personal and professional growth, networking, mentoring (and finding mentors), building a social network and having fun. The challenge for Rotarians is how to get the news about Rotary out to a crowded marketplace where folks are busy and overwhelmed by the demands on their time.Read Full Article »