Archived Articles: April 2016

The Opioid Epidemic: Looking for Progress

Addiction to opioids and heroin. It is a deadly epidemic, one that has no societal boundaries; it’s been widely acknowledged by local and state, as well as the national, governments. Game plans are being developed in many quarters to forewarn the public of its menace and that a new approach is needed to equip health officials with the information and tools they need to combat the disease as well as for health care providers to treat citizens who are struggling within its grasp.Read Full Article »

Drone On, But Know the Regulations

Drones and cherry blossoms don’t mix, at least in Washington, D.C., warned the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently — no matter how much you want to take that beautiful aerial photo. The FAA has stepped up publicity on both new and older regulations that apply to drones, whether for business or personal use.Read Full Article »

WomenFest Is Back for 2016

Howard County’s WomenFest is back again this year, providing attendees with opportunities to boost their health and wellness, attend workshops, shop for jewelry and fashion accessories, find home improvement and financial services, and enjoy lunch — all under one roof, all in one day.Read Full Article »

Q&A With TEDCO President & COO John Wasilisin

John Wasilisin, president and chief operating officer (COO) of the Maryland Technology Development Corp.  (TEDCO), has spent 38 years in the business/government service sector, 33 of which have been in economic/workforce development. His experience has included progressive positions at the state and local levels of government, and has involved partnerships with the business community.Read Full Article »

For You, a Deal

So, LivingSocial is cutting more than half of its workforce, laying off 85 people in its Washington office and more than 280 countrywide, and outsourcing its customer service call center — something that I’m sure will go well with people trying to straighten out a snafu while out on a hot date.Read Full Article »

People In Business

Spearman to Depart Dimensions, LRH; Enter Perkins

John Spearman, president and chief operating officer of Laurel Regional Hospital (LRH) and interim chief operating officer of Dimensions Healthcare System, will resign his position on April 8 to pursue other opportunities.Read Full Article »

Business Briefs

Applications for TEDCO’s Life Science Investment Fund Now Being Accepted

The Life Science Investment Fund (LSIF), which was previously managed by the former Department of Business and Economic Development (then under the name Biotechnology Commercialization Award), was one of the programs that was transferred to TEDCO on Oct. 1, 2015, along with Maryland Venture Fund.Read Full Article »

Leadership Howard County’s 30th Anniversary

A Message From Dick Story Chair, 30th Anniversary Capital Campaign

Leadership Howard County’s 30th anniversary has been a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that has been accomplished by our talented graduates. What began as an idea to gather business leaders and connect them in a way that they could make a real difference in the growth of Howard County has become one of the essential programs for all community leaders.Read Full Article »

Leadership Howard County Has a Rich History

1985. Leadership Howard County (LHC) was created by the Howard County Chamber of Commerce. In the mid-1980s, many “leadership” kinds of programs were emerging across the country. Though Leadership Howard County is certainly unique in its participants, visions and history, the concept at the time was definitely part of a trend, said Sue Emerson, director of communications and business development for LHC. “Columbia was still kind of a new city,” she said, “and people had a focus on how they might develop community leaders.” Read Full Article »

Leadership Essentials Program Molds Emerging Leaders

Twenty-five young professionals from a wide variety of organizations compose the 2016 class of Leadership Essentials. This six-month leadership development program, instituted by Leadership Howard County in 2007, is now managed by Loyola University Maryland as part of the Sellinger School of Business. Similar to Loyola’s graduate business programs, Leadership Essentials develops skills that allow participants to stretch their leadership potential and contribute significantly to their organizations, their families and their community.Read Full Article »