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May 2013:

Supporters Post at Harry Browne’s for Lazarick,

May 6, 2013

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Friends and colleagues of noted area publisher and journalist Len Lazarick came together on April 4 for a Happy Hour fundraiser at Harry Browne’s, the famed political bistro in downtown Annapolis, to support for his online publication,’s daily roundup gathers stories from more than 50 web sites, including those of legacy media, broadcast, online and bloggers from the right and left; its original stories aim to give readers information on topics that aren’t easily found elsewhere.

Among the supporters who attended the event were celebrity bartenders such as lobbyist Sean Looney, columnist Blair Lee and pollster Patrick Gonzales, plus executives from and members of advocacy groups of every persuasion.

As Lazarick noted, there is no free lunch and there is no free news. Like public radio, is a nonprofit supported by foundations, sponsors and donors. It does not accept grants from government or contributions from political committees. Since the IRS has designated the entity a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible (and donors can remain anonymous).

To support the effort, visit the aforementioned web site, call 410-312-9840 or e-mail

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