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Have You Written a Marketing Communications Plan?

Do you have a marketing communications plan? Rather than haphazardly deciding how to communicate your product or service, spend the time to be sure you are reaching the right audiences with messages that will resonate with them.

How to Get Clients and Increase Revenue From Facebook

Why does your business have a Facebook page? If the answer isn’t on the tip of your tongue, here are a few examples.

Why Working With Too Many Vendors Can Be Your No. 1 Marketing Mistake

Every business, no matter the size of the workforce, amount of revenue it generates or product/service it is selling, needs a marketing strategy and plan.

Why Different Is Better

Branding. It’s an overused and mostly misunderstood term — and it’s the fuel of marketing communications.

Don’t Forget to Send a Press Release

A press release may be your ticket to free publicity. And in these economically challenging times, free publicity may be especially enticing.

Young Women Rise to the Entrepreneurial Challenge

A small group of young women, dressed in business attire and looking busy on their laptops, recently gathered at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship anxiously awaiting the start of a 13-week journey to better prepare them for their futures.

greeNEWit, EduSerc Partner for STEM Residency Program

Sustainability provider greeNEWit is partnering with EduSerc to launch a new Green STEM Residency Program where professional engineers work directly in schools’ science classes to provide hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) training and industry exposure to all students in a school.

Embracing STEAM Education as an Expansion of STEM

STEAM is an educational movement that engages students from preschool through college and beyond in an integrated learning approach, now officially recognized nationally as part of Common Core standards along with science, technology, engineering and mathematics, i.e., STEM plus the arts.

Howard Board of Education Considers School Start and Dismissal Time Proposals

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) School Start and Dismissal Time Committee (SSDT) presented four alternative models for school start and dismissal times in a report to the Howard County Board of Education at its Nov. 17 meeting.

MasterPeace Solutions Announces Launch of Two Technology Startups

Columbia-based MasterPeace Solutions Ltd., a technology accelerator that supports cleared engineers and technologists in commercializing their latest ideas, has announced the launch of two technology startups: Zuul IoT Inc. and SrcLight Inc.

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