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Q&A With Maryland Chamber President/CEO Brien Poffenberger


It’s already been more than a year since the board of directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce (MCC) appointed Brien Poffenberger as the organization’s president and CEO. Poffenberger, who served for 10 years in the same capacity with the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce (HWCCC), began his tenure in June 2014, succeeding the retired Kathy Snyder.

Baltimore Still Miffed at Hogan Emphasis on Highways


A month after Gov. Larry Hogan made the decision to ditch the Red Line light rail project in Baltimore, the city’s political and business establishment continue to express outrage.

Howard Executive Vetoes Vending Bill


On July 13, one week after the Howard County Council passed a bill that would create nutritional standards for food and drinks sold in vending machines on county property, County Executive Allan Kittleman (R) announced his veto of the bill, which he termed an overreach of government.

Lobbying Still a Growth Industry, Evans at Top


Lobbying continues to be a growth industry in Annapolis, with $18 million spent this past session to lobby the legislature and state government, according to figures combined by Common Cause from State Ethics Commission filings.

Chamber Corner



Legislative Meet & Greet

On a beautiful, low-humidity day in July, more than 20 representatives from Maryland joined 100 members of the local business community at Alexandra’s restaurant in Turf Valley for a chance to chat, mingle and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Top Business Development Challenges


In a recent government contracting industry study, Deltek, a national federal data services company, identified specific trends affecting businesses serving the federal market. A main purpose of the study was to establish industry benchmarks for use by contractors. The study respondents included more than 300 companies of all sizes, located throughout the United States.

Windows 10: It Doesn’t Suck


That headline, by the way, comes as high praise from someone whose past columns include an effort entitled, “It’s Great to Hate Windows 8.” Let’s see why.

Four Ways to Make Customers Feel Appreciated


Gone are the days when a web site was optional. Hold-outs might think creating one will take too much time, cost too much money or is unnecessary because “business is good.”

The Wines of Greece


I’m not sure what the economic situation will be like in Greece by the time this article is printed. Right now, the European Union (EU) and the Greek government both have their heels deeply dug in and a compromise seems unlikely. Recent economic news aside, Greece is more than its current government and its problems with the EU. It is a country rich in history, architecture, the arts, and yes, wine.

History Shows, Time in the Market Beats Market Timing


Sports commentators often predict the big winners at the start of a season, only to see their forecasts fade away as their chosen teams lose. Similarly, market timers often try to predict big wins in the investment markets, only to be disappointed by the reality of unexpected turns in performance.

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