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Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship Launches New Podcast Series

The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE), an initiative of the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), has announced the launch of a 14-part podcast series focused on entrepreneurship and business.

Add Estate Planning to Your Adult Child’s College Prep Checklist

So, your “baby” is off to college. Congratulations. Pretty soon, you’ll be busy helping him or her shop for the typical college essentials like textbooks, shower caddies, Ramen noodles and dorm room furniture.

In Brief

Ellicott City Woman Named No. 1 Elite Executive National Sales Director Ellicott City’s Gloria Mayfield Banks has made history in the beauty and direct sales...

Corner-ing the Market on Peer Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs

The blood flowing through Tina Corner’s veins has always been infused with the spirit of an entrepreneur, even though she tried to deny it for many years.

Gained in Translation: Marketing to Foreign-Born Populations

The tried and true path of traditional marketing strategies still works. For many advertisers it’s a comfortable fit, both familiar and fairly predictable.

Non-Compete Agreements for Independent Contractors May Cause Employment Woes

In response to growing employment costs and pressures on price in a very competitive marketplace, more and more businesses in the service sector are calling upon independent contractors for core duties.

Franchot Releases Fiscal 15 Year-End Closeout Numbers

Reiterating his call for caution in the midst of a slow economic recovery, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot released the final closeout numbers for Fiscal Year 2015.

Trends and Observations of the Local and Overall Job Markets

With only three months left to go in 2015, employment and hiring trends in the Greater Baltimore region have taken shape.

401(k) + IRA: How to Mix and Match Plans

Even if an individual is contributing like a champ to his or her employer-sponsored retirement plan, that person should not overlook the opportunity to invest in an IRA, too.

A Return to Social Transformation Through Corporate Philanthropy

Fundraising publications have recently claimed that corporate transactional giving — simply writing a check — is being reinvented into transformational giving — supporting social causes through involvement as well as investment — but the idea of transformational giving is not new.

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