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CSX Decides Against Purchase of Elkridge Property, Future of Site Still Unclear

June 7, 2012

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CSX Corp. has announced the termination of existing contingent agreements to purchase the Race Road and Hanover Road site in Elkridge, which has been under consideration as a proposed Rail Intermodal Facility site.

According to CSX Spokesperson Bob Sullivan, none of the four candidate sites previously identified by the state of Maryland and CSX have been formally removed from the environmental review process, which is ongoing.

“CSX Has made a business decision to release its existing contingent purchase agreements with property owners at the … site,” Sullivan said in a statement e-mailed to The Business Monthly. “As we have indicated previously, CSX … will continue to carefully evaluate all options to develop an intermodal facility that will quickly address the needs of CSX customers, the state’s growing freight transportation demands and the Port of Baltimore expansion.”

Whether this decision indicates a shift in how the Maryland Department of Transportation and CSX might approach ownership and use of the property itself or a shift in the property’s actual desirability remains unanswered. CSX officials did not respond to questions asking for further clarification of their intentions.

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