Sunday, May 1, 2016

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The Opioid Epidemic: Looking for Progress »

Addiction to opioids and heroin. It is a deadly epidemic, one that has no societal boundaries; it’s been widely acknowledged by local and state, as well as the national, governments.

A Message From Stacie Hunt: President & CEO, Leadership Howard County »

When I took over as CEO in 2002, Leadership Howard County (LHC) was 17 years old. Its core mission was the same then as it is now — to be the critical force in preparing, inspiring, connecting and sustaining community leaders to make Howard County the best place to live, work and play.


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BizWeekly 4/26/2016

Kittleman Presents Operating Budget for Fiscal 2017 to Howard Council

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has presented his $1.06 billion General Fund Operating Budget for Fiscal 2017 to the county council. The proposed budget, excluding PAYGO (or pay-as-you-go, the prior fund balance carried over from previous budget years) for one-time expenses, represents a 3.7% increase from fiscal 2016.

“This budget supports our residents’ priorities by funding critical new initiatives and improving ongoing services without raising taxes,” Kittleman said. “Projected revenue increases are still modest, but show a recovery from last year, which allows us to further support our priorities.”

The budget includes $562.2 million in county funds for the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), $7.2 million above the required Maintenance of Effort level, and supports negotiated teacher pay raises, special education and 56 new teacher positions. The county also funds debt service payments for HCPSS capital projects and teacher retiree health benefits. Total county support to the school system makes up nearly 59% of the General Fund budget.

Other highlights of the fiscal 2017 operating budget include the following.

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Guest Article

Howard County’s Academy of Finance Students Collaborate With Patterson High School Students in Baltimore

By Maddy Halbach

To a group of Howard County and Baltimore City high school students, the word “community” means making the world around them a better place to live, or a group of individuals focused on achieving a common goal to make a difference.

After the unrest in Baltimore City last year, a group of Howard County’s Academy of Finance students were concerned this could occur in their greater community. Discussing the incident with each other brought attention to the needs of the individuals living in the vicinity and a desire to make a difference.

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